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Here are some of the projects we developed, providing all the strategic and operational support needed
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Find out about the projects we have developed

Robust solutions for scalable projects
the builder

the Builder

The Builder is the real estate crowdfunding platform that gives the opportunity to join exclusive and selected real estate investments transactions, with a low risk return in the medium term and higher than the market average.

ovs app


In App Omnichannel Gift List for OVS, Italian leader in womenswear, menswear and childrenswear with a market share of 9.3% and over 2,050 stores in Italy and abroad through the OVS, UPIM and Stefanel brands.

Mediaworld lista nozze, lista regalo


MediaWorld is one of the leading consumer electronics store chains in Italy and is part of the Expert retail group. MediaWorld has over 100 stores throughout Italy. Users can activate and contribute to gift lists both online and at stores, with a full omnichannel experience.

Prepay Investimenti

The first lending crowdfunding platform in Italy entirely dedicated to investors. An ecosystem of services, opportunities and information, designed to give you a five-star experience and maximize your return on capital.



The marketplace of tax credits.
The platform that facilitates the buying and selling of tax credits between individuals and companies.

Sporteams landing page


Sporteams is a startup established in Florence in November 2018. Its mission is to support and accelerate the digital transformation process in youth, amateur and recreational sports, through the creation and marketing of management software for amateur sports associations and clubs and the use of highly innovative technologies such as AI and IoT.

Recredity landing page


The marketplace of tax credits.

The platform that facilitates the buying and selling of tax credits between individuals and companies.

Politically landing page


Politically is the first digital platform dedicated to fundraising for electoral campaigns and political entities.



End-to-end mobile and web app for Bank-as-a-service. Bespoke white label.

Our embedded finance solutions for your business

Innovative financial services at your fingertips
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White label platforms

Ready-to-use platforms. Ready to scale your business.

  • Crowdfunding & P2P lending
  • Invoice & Credits Trading
  • Bank-as-a-Service & Card Programs
  • Martech Omnichannel Gift List
Group 426 - Fintech - GrowishPay
Technologies & Integrations

Cutting-edge headless embedded financial orchestrator (microservices and API layer). Boost your project.

  • Core banking orchestrator
  • Open banking
  • Group & Split Payments
  • E-wallets & Virtual IBANs
  • Escrow Accounts
  • KYC and fraud monitoring
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Bespoke fintech solutions

Enjoymour 360-degree experience to launch your fintech project. We are ready.

  • Strategy & Design Thinking
  • Product & Project Plan. Tech Analysis
  • Branding Strategy
  • UX/UI Product Design & Prototyping
  • Scouting the best fintech providers
  • Application as an Agent/distributor
  • Mapping and monitoring of AML risks
  • Customer assistance as-a-service
  • Salesforce and CRM integrations
  • Legal assistance (of counsel)
We are technology partner of:
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