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Cost and time effective

We provide ready-to-use modular microservice solutions which saves time, errors and money on overall deployment project.

Take advantage of our multiple experiences with multiple customers and providers.

Reduce compliance burden transferring risks, compliance and internal audits to a third financial partner.

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Cutting-Edge Technologies

PCI Compliant and Bank Grade Security. React JS and Node JS architecture. MongoDB database. 

  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Apps
  • SaaS platforms
  • Cloud computing & DevOps


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Back Grade Back-Office

Enjoy complete autonomy and tracking on data management, reporting and dashboard configuration via our Salesforce integration, complying with bank grade back-office, cards and complaints management and AML policies and monitoring controls.

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Powerful Analitycs

You will realize the ease with which you can turn your data into an analytically rich experience for your business and your users. Salesforce’s self-service features allow you to access business insights and create custom dashboards, charts and graphs.

Detect anomalies, better assess risk, prevent fraud, and improve decision making.

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Customer Centric

Provide a positive customer experience before and after the negotiation in order to stimulate repeat business, improves buyer and seller loyalty and business growth.

With our technology you will be able to offer excellent multichannel customer service, reminders, notifications and marketing automation through streamlined integrations.

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Compliance & AML

Benefit from our experience in projecting:

  • Information Systems Security Plans
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Procedures for managing complaints, alerts, disputes and litigation
  • Procedures on cases of suspected fraud and Key risks monitoring
  • Ticketing tools and omnichannel customer assistance

Enjoy the service your platform deserves

We take care of everything your platform needs to perform at its best!
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Custom design

We offer you different solutions according to your project needs.

Use of our unique premium templates or your own custom design. Experts guidance on design thinking, product planning and brand identity. Consultancy on user experience and user interface processes. Design of bespoke algorithms and business logics. 

We can offer complete hosting, technical, system and omnichannel customer assistance.

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Secure and complying

Complying with the highest European KYC/AML standards and EU regulations, we offer our know-how and assistance in negotiation to become agent / distributor of the leading payment institutions and to make you inherit the verified trust as a financial institution.

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Exceeding your expectations

We love to exceed our customers’ expectations, considering each project as if it were our own brand.

We look towards long-term partnership, focusing on our client’s needs, diagnosing, anticipating and solving problems efficiently, offering viable solutions.

We are technological partner of the best Banking-as-a-Service and payment services:
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What our clients say:

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ScuolaPay - Fintech - GrowishPay


Cashless payments for schools, families and students to create impact and economic support for quality education, school and local communities.

We developed the full web and mobile app solution, including e-wallet close-loop payments for P2P, money boxes and payments to associations and schools, along with an open banking platform and marketplace for schools, associations and commitees to notify due payments, reconcile them and raise funds.

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Sporteams mission is to support and accelerate the digital transformation process for sport associations and teams, through the creation and marketing of management software for amateur sports associations and clubs. We developed an e-wallet close-loop payments solutions for P2P, money boxes and payments to associations and teams.

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Parenting is mobile and web app to offered to divorced parents and to their lawyers to:
  • manage time and activities with children, and proposing shift changes
  • check, ask and pay mandatory and optional expenses approve or reject the publication of photos of children on the other parent’s social networks
  • provide the log of all activities to court as evidence in the event of a dispute.
  • get in contact with their lawyer and other practitioners and ask for paid video consultancies.
We developed the full web and mobile app solution.

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