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Enjoy our all around expertise to start up your embedded finance project, speeding up your time to market, reducing costs and avoiding errors (we made it before).
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Our offer

Benefit from our consultancy services to provide the best
experience on your platforms and solutions
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Strategy and
design thinking

Combine rigor and creativity to create a successful product. 

We guide you to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and experience the customer journey, foster creativity and generate ideas, thanks to a tool system including brainstorming techniques, mind maps and canvas.

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Product and project plan.
Tech analysis

Product Plan represents and deepens all the project requirements, objectives and details necessary so that it is possible to clearly define the boundaries of what must be achieved. 

Tech Analysis involves the IT team to identify the best technological solution to achieve the intended purposes. 

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Scouting the best fintech providers

We know how to cherry pick the best providers, even combining more than one with their specific strengths. 

We can negotiate the best conditions for you. 

We are their preferred partners

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Application as an Agent/distributor

It’s easy if you know how to do it (or if you’ve done it many times like us!)

Know exact wording to use, anticipating compliance requests, providing the proper procedures in advance means to speed up and secure your application. Otherwise, the risk is a trial and error approach that postpone your time to market.

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Mapping and monitoring of AML risks and procedures

Are Information Systems Security Policy, Business Continuity Plan, Business Impact Analysis, Recovery Time Objective, Disaster Recovery Plan, Mapping and monitoring of AML risks, Compliance management, AML Back Office procedures your cup of tea? 

If not, we are at your service.

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Legal assistance
(of counsel)

We are not lawyers but we invested a bunch of money with them. 

Embedded finance is innovative, so you need to find lawyers who know the matter. 

We can suggest the best ones and join you in the main topics, to be more effective in time, money and proper solutions.

We can help you improve your numbers

We can help you improve your numbers

Companies who prioritize user experience practices can increase their Key Performance Indicators up to 83%

9,900% Return of Investment

Research from Forrester evidenced that for every dollar invested in UX, companies would obtain 100 dollars in return

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