Embedded Finance Orchestrator

A turn-key end-to-end Embedded Finance Orchestrator and middleware that sits between your or third party financial institution’s and your web or mobile apps or servers, making embedded finance multiple integrations easy and fast.
Benefit from our “socket” approach: one integration, multiple financial services.
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How it works

Incorporates all banking and payment functions in one single platform. Flexible and customizable, API-based.
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Customer onboarding

Create and maintain detailed customer profiles for both individuals and businesses.

Streamlined processing of customer registration applications.

Secure storage and management of customer documents, including expiration date tracking and reminder systems.

Flexibility to customize the system to fit specific business needs and regulatory requirements.

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Integration with external AML/KYC providers for added security.

Verification of personal information, such as name, address, phone number, and government-issued ID
ID document validation.

Customizable AML rules and alerts, with checks triggered by specific keywords and other indicators.

Flexible risk scoring system based on AML policy rules.

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Account, wallet, VIban

Generate IBANs and open multi-currency current accounts for individuals and businesses.

Open e-wallet, flexible to use.

Manage customers, accounts, and permissions, including the ability to:

  • Open, close, or block accounts
  • Manage user access rights
  • generate multiple IBANs
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Card issuing & management

Launch your bespoke payment card issuing programme.

Real-time transactions, customers and card lists.

Activate, lock/unlock cards.

Generate card statements.

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A multiple sockets solution to plug the best open banking features and providers.

Instantly verify account ownership and financial data from thousands of banks across Europe.

Allow account-to-account or request-to-pay bank payments embedded into your user experience.

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Acceptance of various payment methods such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

Integration with various payment gateways and processors.

Set up recurring payments or subscriptions.

Issue refunds and void transactions.

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Transactional automation

Automated sending of email messages based on specific triggers or events.

Customizable email templates for different types of messages.

Personalization of emails with customer data, such as name, order details, and more.

Integration with e-mail and sms platforms.

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Marketing automation

Integration with e-mail and other systems, such as CRM.

Support for multiple languages and localization.

Compliance with relevant laws and regulations such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM

Option to segment the customer base and target specific group of customers.

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2FA, OTP, Digital signature

Two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security (such as SMS, Email, App-based).

One-Time Passwords (OTP)’s customizable settings to determine when and how 2FA, OTP and digital signature are used, expiration time, including set up rules and triggers.

Integration with a eIDAS provider for Digital signature.

Option to track and log all the digital signature actions.

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Admin, CRM, Monitoring

Integration and customization of Salesforce Service Cloud to manage customer interactions and support requests across multiple channels, including phone, email, chat, and social media.

Real-time reporting and analytics on transactions, users, accounts, operations.

Case management, knowledge management, and customer service automation.

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Fraud detention, Risks monitor

Detect and prevent fraudulent transactions, such as real-time transaction monitoring, behavioral analytics and machine learning algorithms.

Set up rules and alerts (Key risk indicators or KRI) based on specific criteria, such as location, transaction amount, operation type, to flag potential fraudulent transactions for further review or immediate block.

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Mobile & web APPs

Benefit of our end-to-end web and mobile banking applications, built on state-of-the-art architecture and  offering a wide range of functionalities for customers, such as balance checking, statement viewing, payment processing, and more.

Full application or dedicated SDK or web pages for your integration’s specific needs.

API Documentation

Everything you need to obtain the best integration

What our clients say:

Benefit of our core banking orchestration

We take care of everything your platform needs to perform at its best!
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Seamless, faster integration

The middleware acts as a bridge, allowing integration of multiple financial services and solutions into a single platform or application.

Add new functionalities and services without having to make changes to the core banking system.

Seamless faster integration - Fintech - GrowishPay

Flexibility and scalability

Stay competitive and respond quickly to market changes and customer demands. 

Start-up MVP in a matter of weeks.

Integrate multiple embedded finance solutions with a “socket” approach.
One integration, multiple financial services.

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Centralized system

Benefit from our “socket” approach: one integration, multiple financial services.

This approach aims to offer a more convenient and efficient experience for users, as well as providing more opportunities for businesses to monetize their platforms and applications through financial services.

Let’s embed finance together!

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