Martech Gift List

A SaaS end-to-end cloud omnichannel platform, specifically designed for retailers, travel agents and brands with strong communities, to increase customer engagement, order value and word-of-mouth.
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Everything you need to boost your sales

Innovative financial services at your fingertips

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Powerful Martech Tool

You will see how easily you can transform your data into an insightful analytical experience for your company and your users. Salesforce’s self-service capabilities enable you to access business insights and build custom dashboards, charts, and graphs.

  • Increase virality and fidelity by engaging an average of over 25 persons per list.
  • Amplify user acquisition by remarketing donors.
  • Double your cart value and upselling.
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No Stock or Price Constraints​

Allow your customer to use the money received for in-store or online purchases, without constraints, with one click.

At any time and whenever the customer wishes, he can spend the money received converting into vouchers or gift card or through direct payment at your online or store checkout.

No problems with stock availability and price changes. The customer buys what is available at the time of the purchase decision with the money collected.

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Amazing Customer Experience

Your customers will enjoy:

  • Full customizable personal website with dozens of templates, photo, accommodation list, event information & maps, RSVP, chat. 
  • Dedicated short URL or your own domain.
  • Sharing list’s website via sms, email, social, QR code or printed invitations.
  • Illimited donations received via credit card, bank transfer or account-to-account payments.
  • Instant notification via sms or mail.
  • Premium services as guest lists, tableau de bord, greetings cards, video messages, storyboards, quizzes, and many more.
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Cost and Time Effective

We provide a ready-to-use white label SaaS omnichannel cloud platform to go live in 2 weeks. 

Save money and time by: 


  • offering online and in shop
  • engaging your customer in their list’s creation and customization
  • allowing your point of sales to support your customers
  • benefit from our payments reconciliations, even via bank transfer.
  • securing the money on a e-wallet and deciding when getting the money, according to fiscal and accounting needs
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Full Omnichannel

Enjoy complete autonomy on platform setups and multi-shops managements. Lists can be created by your online users or managed by your stores. Payments can be online or at any of your stores, wherever the list has been created. Acquiring and KYC (if needed) included. Get money by wallet-to-wallet transfer or via gift card real-time issuing.

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Fully customizable

Enjoy self-government over:

  • Look and feel
  • Product catalog
  • Stores and admin management
  • Employees permissions
  • Payments methods
  • Management of wallets and commissions
  • Add to gift list button
  • Transactional email configuration, email marketing, analytics, tag manager.
  • Blog, FAQ, etc

Enjoy the service your platform deserves

We take care of everything your platform needs to perform at its best!
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Custom design

We offer you different possibilities according to your project needs:

  • Use of basic templates or your own custom design.
  • Experts guidance on design thinking, product planning, and brand identity studies.
  • Consultancy on user experience and user interface processes.
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Secure and complying

PCI Compliant e Bank Grade Security. 3D Secure. Complying with the highest European KYC/AML standards and EU regulations. 

Includes risk assessment and fraud prevention AI. 

Based on the European leading e-wallet and marketplace financial technology (MangoPay).

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Exceeding your expectations

We love to exceed our customers’ expectations, considering each project as if it were our own brand.

We look towards long-term partnership, focusing on our client’s needs, diagnosing, anticipating and solving problems efficiently, offering viable solutions.

We are technological partner of the best Banking-as-a-Service and payment services:
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What our clients say:

Find out about the projects we developed

mediaworld lista nozze, lista regalo


MediaWorld is one of the leading consumer electronics store chains in Italy and is part of the Expert retail group.  MediaWorld has over 100 stores throughout Italy. Users can activate and contribute to gift lists both online and at stores, with a full omnichannel experience.

ovs app


In App Omnichannel Gift List for OVS, Italian leader in womenswear, menswear and childrenswear with a market share of 9.3% and over 2,050 stores in Italy and abroad through the OVS, UPIM and Stefanel brands.
Uvet - Fintech - GrowishPay

Uvet Travel Network

Uvet is one of the leading travel agency franchising in Italy. Through our gift list, we served over 1000 travels agencies, solving accounting problems and delighting users and participants.

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