Group & Split Payments

Unlock the power of social payments, by transforming payments into martech.
Group 445 - Fintech - GrowishPay

How it works

Benefit from increased virality and fidelity by engaging more persons. Amplify user acquisition by remarketing additional payers. Double your order value, cross and upselling.

Group 358 - Fintech - GrowishPay

Target a specific product purchase or a wider wish

Your user will be able to launch a money pot for one specific product/service or a wider wish or goal. 

Share the collection via email, sms, Whatsapp, or social media. 

People can join payment by credit card or bank transfer.

Group 361 - Fintech - GrowishPay

Easily set who/when/how getting the money collected

All rules are easy to set up by back office. 

We suggest the best configuration for each use case. 

If you are a merchant you can offer to convert the collected amount into a gift card, or spend via your ecommerce payment gateway or in store (via pos or webapp).

Group 356 - Fintech - GrowishPay

Effortlessly embed in your user experience via web, app or in store

Our full set of APIs, SDK, modules, POS integrations will offer trouble free and super rapid integration in any of your use cases.


API Documentation

Everything you need to obtain the best integration

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