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Benefit from our avant-garde headless, compliant by design, embedded finance orchestrator to add financial services to your business needs.
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Our technologies & integrations solutions

Innovative financial services at your fingertips
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Core Banking Orchestrator

A turn-key end-to-end Core Banking software platform and middleware that sits between your or third party financial institution’s and your web or mobile apps or servers, making embedded finance multiple integrations easy and fast.
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Open Banking

Leverage financial services with a plug-and-play solution.
Your fastest route to stress-free universal integration with the best Open Banking providers.

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Group & Split Payments

Unlock the power of social payments. by transforming payments into martech.

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Escrow Account

Secure trust in your users’ transactions.
Receive and disburse money dependent on conditions agreed by the transacting parties.

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KYC and Fraud Monitoring

Prevent high churn rate with an optimized KYC for B2C and B2B. Reduce frauds by activating a key risk indicators Al model

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E-wallets & Virtual IBANs

Our APIs and microservices embed top reliable providers,
best for close-loop payments, cashback, fidelity programs, couponing, enhanced gift cards, credit top-ups, pay-by-links.

We can help you improve your numbers

We can help you improve your numbers

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9,900% Return of Investment

Research from Forrester evidenced that for every dollar invested in UX, companies would obtain 100 dollars in return

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