Recredity landing page
The marketplace of tax credits.
The platform that facilitates the buying and selling of tax credits between individuals and companies.
Recredity landing page
SaaS, Startups, Digital Products, Fintech, Lending Crowdfunding
White label platforms | Crowdfunding & P2P lending
4 – 5 months
Recredity landing page

About this project

Group 339 - Fintech - GrowishPay

The Client

A young platform willing to differentiate from the market being “Investor First.” From the website and project factsheets to the wallet or monthly update webinars, every PrePay tool has been designed to allow investors to make investments easily and securely.

Group 361 - Fintech - GrowishPay

The Challenge

Very short time-to-market due to the imminent entry into force of the new ECSP regulation, in order to benefit from the transitional period. TheBuilder was the last platform to go live before Nov. 10th, 2021. After that, no other Italian platform has gone live for two years.

Group 453 - Fintech - GrowishPay

The Success

Due to the renounce of the original selected Payment Istitution, thanks to our middlelayer API with multiple connections, we were able to switch to a new Payment Institution (Lemonway) in 1 day, with no additional costs for the Client.

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