Tokenized Shares: The Fintech Decree 2023

The tokenization of investments and properties is one of the many blockchain applications that are proving to be currently active and profitable. This includes managing exchange services and creating cryptocurrency-related assets and derivatives. Generating tokens enables the creation of a scarce, highly liquid, and programmable asset, linked to various sources of value. Initial Token Offerings […]

Crowdfunding: What changes with Legislative Decree No. 30 of March 10

Italy, after a two-year wait, has also implemented the European crowdfunding regulation to provide greater protection for investors and greater transparency for crowdfunding platforms. Crowdfunding regulation is an important issue in promoting the financing of start-ups and SMEs, and this new legislative decree should help promote a safer and more reliable investment environment for Italian […]

Pandemic Covid-19 and Fintech: innovation is always the key

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of fintech solutions due to the increased demand for digital financial services and remote transactions. The pandemic forced people to rely on digital solutions for everything, including financial services. As a result, fintech companies have seen a significant increase in demand and many traditional financial institutions have also […]

Top 10 app Ideas for 2023 – The Future of FinTech

The financial sector is undergoing a significant transformation due to the rising adoption of FinTech. FinTech, which is the combination of finance and technology, has brought about modern reforms in customer priorities, making monetary transactions quick and secure. Popular FinTech apps have gained immense popularity in recent years, with industrial experts claiming that “FinTech is […]

Embedded Finance: Partnering for success (KPMG)

The use of cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) has enabled fintechs to offer innovative and disruptive business models that have the potential to shake up the traditional financial industry. This, combined with the growing adoption of BaaS solutions, has led to the growth of the embedded finance industry, which is expected – according to […]

Embedded finance: A McKinsey & Company report

Embedded finance, a concept that involves integrating financial services into everyday products and services, is gaining traction in the financial industry. This trend is driven by consumers’ increasing demand for seamless and convenient access to financial services, as well as the growing number of fintechs and technology companies offering financial products and services. As embedded […]