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To understand the terms of the Fintech world, Finance, Banking and startups.
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All the terms for navigating the world of digital finance

To understand the world of digital financial services, it is necessary to know the emerging words and acronyms of the technology sector. For this reason, we have created an easy-to-follow glossary, with the goal of helping you understand the terms most in vogue and commonly used in the fintech world

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Market risk
Risk associated with fluctuations in financial markets.

Merchant account
Bank account used by a company to accept credit or debit card payments.

Financial service that provides low-cost loans and other financial services to small businesses and low-income individuals.

Micropayments are financial transactions that typically involve a very small amount of money. They usually occur online and, depending on the provider, are defined as transactions below €10. Micropayments are becoming increasingly common, with most businesses and websites now accepting them.

Mobile app
A downloadable application on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. AI - Acronym for Artificial Intelligence, which is artificial intelligence used to automate complex processes and activities.

Mobile banking
Online banking service that allows customers to perform banking transactions through mobile devices.

Money market
Short-term financial market in which highly liquid and low-risk financial assets are traded.

Mutual fund
Mutual fund that collects money from many investors to invest it in a diversified portfolio of securities.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
MVP (Minimum Viable Product) è la fase iniziale dello sviluppo di un prodotto, in cui viene rilasciato con le funzioni essenziali per soddisfare i primi utenti e permettere loro di fornire feedback e test per la successiva fase di sviluppo del prodotto o servizio. È un tentativo di ridurre il tempo impiegato nello sviluppo di tecnologie prima del rilascio, operando invece in modo snello e dinamico.
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