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To understand the terms of the Fintech world, Finance, Banking and startups.
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All the terms for navigating the world of digital finance

To understand the world of digital financial services, it is necessary to know the emerging words and acronyms of the technology sector. For this reason, we have created an easy-to-follow glossary, with the goal of helping you understand the terms most in vogue and commonly used in the fintech world

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An incubator is an organization that supports the development of early-stage businesses through various stages of growth until the company has the necessary financial, human, and physical resources to operate independently. The incubator may provide services such as workspace, mentorship, financial support, and access to networks of potential investors and customers. The main goal of the incubator is to help startups overcome initial challenges and increase their chances of success.

Inflation taregeting
Monetary policy that aims to regulate inflation as the primary objective of the central bank.

Initial coin offering (ICO)
The fundraising mechanism used by blockchain startups to issue new cryptocurrencies is called an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Instant payment
Instant payment system that allows for real-time transactions.

Innovative technologies used to improve the efficiency and convenience of the insurance industry.

Interest rate swap
Contract between two parties to exchange cash flows at fixed and variable rates.

Internet of things (IoT)
Connection of physical objects to the internet, which can be used for financial transactions, is known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Invoice trading
Invoice trading is the activity of selling commercial invoices on a digital marketplace platform that facilitates the operational and contractual interaction between companies (sellers or assignors) and various types of investors (buyers or assignees) who are typically independent from the banking sector.
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