Fintech Glossary from A to Z

To understand the terms of the Fintech world, Finance, Banking and startups.
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All the terms for navigating the world of digital finance

To understand the world of digital financial services, it is necessary to know the emerging words and acronyms of the technology sector. For this reason, we have created an easy-to-follow glossary, with the goal of helping you understand the terms most in vogue and commonly used in the fintech world

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Fast payments
An instant payment system that allows for the transfer of money immediately, usually within a few seconds.

Fiat currency is legal tender issued by a national government, such as the US dollar, euro, or British pound. This form of currency is recognized as legal tender within the borders of the issuing country and is accepted as a medium of exchange for commercial transactions. Fiat currency is not backed by any tangible asset such as gold, and its value is determined by the market and the monetary policies of the issuing country. Most financial activities such as investments, loans, and commercial transactions are based on the use of fiat currency.

Financial Inclusion
The process of providing access to financial services to individuals and communities who have traditionally been excluded from the banking system.

A combination of "finance" and "technology", referring to the use of digital technologies to provide innovative financial services.

Forex Trading
The process of buying and selling currencies in global financial markets is known as foreign exchange trading, or forex trading for short.

Fraud Detection
The process of identifying and preventing financial fraud using data analysis and machine learning techniques.
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